swim bike run = Triathlon Coaching ServicesI offer a range of coaching services for endurance sport. My focus is on long course Triathlon (Ironman and Ironman 70.3 distances), but also provide coaching for beginner, enticer, sprint and olympic distance Triathlon, and running or cycling as individual disciplines.

All of my programs are personalised - I don't do generic 'one size fits all' training (please don't pay for that type of training - there are plenty of free resources on the internet. If you engage a coach, make sure you're getting something created specifically to get the best out of you).


I now offer run programs (with a focus on trail and ultra events), delivered by Training Peaks.

Programs start at $55/month including a Training Peaks Basic account, or $65/month including a Training Peaks Premium account. 

If you need a personalised training program for cycling, please contact me. While my focus is on Triathlon and running, I would be happy to discuss cycle training with you - I have several athletes on specialised programs. If I can't help you, I probably know someone who can!

I don't offer swim coaching outside of Triathlon training at present, but have a couple of excellent swim coaches that I can refer you to. Get in touch and we can discuss your needs.


ee ba gum... the Coach has been very slack and failed to update the website.

Coming soon. Quite possiby. Very soon... Verrrry soon..!

Run coaching from $55/month with a Training Peaks Basic account, or $65 including a Training Peaks Premium account

Tri coaching for a bit more (it's 3 disciplines after all, and taxes my fragile little mind). Starts somewhere around $100 a month for program only, up to around $180 a month, depending on how much personal coaching you want. 

Contact me to discuss!

(Please note that I only take on a certain number of athletes at any one time - I have to limit numbers to make sure I can give the athletes I have the attention they need)